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What others are saying . . .

"Carolyn Castleberry is an outstanding communicator. She has a professional presence in front of an audience that I have rarely seen in many years of attending conferences. Carolyn is able to engage her audience and speak both to their minds and hearts. She makes an impact. She motivates. She expands people's world views."

Michael M. Simone, Spring Branch Church/Willow Creek Association

"Internationally recognized speaker/author Carolyn Castleberry delivers a simple and yet brilliant strategy on how to 'Invest Time Where it Matters Most!' She is a high energy, high content, engaging speaker that will ignite your audience and warm their soul at the same time. Carolyn has that rare ability to reach people at every level of your organization! She will 'WOW' you and your team!"

Bob Beaudine, President & CEO -Eastman & Beaudine Inc. Author of The Power of WHO

"Carolyn Castleberry's speech and presentation at our first Women's Connection event far exceeded our expectations. Carolyn gave a first class presentation and captivated our audience and helped make this event a wonderful success. We highly recommend Carolyn for your event."

Joan L Schutt, Rest Haven Christian Services

Re: "Take Charge of Your Money"

"Carolyn Castleberry has given us an important work that will ultimately prove indispensable for most women. She has taken a timely idea and turned it into a book that is challenging, engaging, lively, and, above all, enlightening."

Herb Cohen, Author of You Can Negotiate Anything and Negotiate This!

"A must-read for anyone who desires to find significance in life."

Kelly Wright, National Network Correspondent

Re: "Get Answers About Your Money"

"A goldmine of valuable information! A no-nonsense approach to the fundamentals of sound financial planning. This step-by-step guide will help people take charge of their lives and build a solid financial future."

Doreen Roadman, Financial Advisor, JJSA Advisors, Ltd., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Carolyn has taken the many complexities of finance and stripped away their intimidating nature by providing clear, concise, and easily understood explanations and suggestions. With this book, anyone can gain the confidence they need to build their financial future."

Kim Pate, Vice President, Towne Bank Mortgage