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Carolyn’s books include, Women, Take Charge of Your Money: A Biblical Path to Financial Security and Women, Get Answers about Your Money: because there are no dumb questions about personal finance.

While money matters, Carolyn views time as our greatest asset. Her book, It's About Time: 10 Smart Strategies to Avoid Time Traps and Invest Yourself Where it Matters provides strategies for maximum impact and significance.

Women Take ChargeWomen Get AnswersIts About Time


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iCompete-coverThis book was co-authored by Carolyn.

In it, entrepreneur John Hewitt asks: "What does it really take to WIN in your business?"

John Hewitt’s no-nonsense personal story will knock you out of your comfort zone and show you how to win in any business you choose. Hewitt has been called annoying, challenging and brilliant—with a fanatical desire to improve and out-give everyone he meets. He competes to win!

In John Hewitt’s iCompete, you’ll discover

• How to persevere through adversity and win your game

• What it really takes to become a millionaire

• Why mistakes are a wise person’s education

• Why you must monitor results, not activities

• How to create raving fans for your business


You can find this book on: Amazon

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"More Than Enough & True Prosperity" is a powerful resource tool to help you understand and walk in God's plan for your financial peace, provision and prosperity in Christ.

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